Vouni King Restaurant & Beach

Vouni King Restaurant at the sea shore in Yeşilırmak village, within a calm atmosphere and natural beauty, welcomes the guests with magnificent meat and fish appetizers, completely organic vegetables and fruits grown by the villagers.

Always prominent with its different tastes, Vouni King Restaurant is an indispensable place, especially for those who are fish enthusiastic. It's an exceptional fish restaurant with rich varieties of fish, and special cold and hot fish appetizers that you cannot find anywhere else.

Vouni King Restaurant is at a 15-minute drive from Gemikonağı (Xero), located at the sea shore and with its breakfast or coffee pier over the sea is awaiting its distinguished guests.

Online Reservation

Phone: +90533 840 91 19    -   +90533 841 44 34

Our Kitchen

Only extra virgin olive oil is used in the Vouni King Restaurant cuisine.

Mayonnaise, ketchup, cream and saturated fats never enter the kitchen of this restaurant.

The peppers are dried and prepared by our cook

Briefly, anything harmful to health cannot take place in the kitchen of Vouni King Restaurant.

Everything is natural and fresh.


  • Fish Salad
  • Starters
  • Sea Food
  • Fish Options
  • Salads
  • Olive oil Dishes
  • Drink Options
  • Desserts
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